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Mobile Barriers Recognized for Force Protection Innovations

Mobile Barriers MBT-1 has received bipartisan recognition and a rare Congressional Letter of Reference for its innovative advances to overseas force protection, homeland security and transportation, the company announced today.

For forces overseas, the barrier has been called a “mobile fortress” and regarded as a “long overdue force protection solution” by military officials. In a typical configuration, the barrier has nearly one million pounds of sheer strength and can stop or redirect cars, pickups, vans and even larger trucks.

“We are honored to receive a Congressional Letter of Reference,” said Kevin Groeneweg, CEO of Mobile Barriers. “We are proud to have developed something which can significantly benefit so many – from the traveling public and road workers, to our emergency preparedness and men and women overseas.”

The barriers can serve as a second line of defense within a base or compound and roll out to provide a rolling perimeter, protect areas for infrastructure repair, close side streets and roads, set up mobile spot inspection stations, transport materials and equipment, and roll back again to the base or safe area.

Domestically, Mobile Barriers offers support for national defense and emergency preparedness. By strategically placing barriers at different locations, barriers can be quickly moved when and where needed.

The barriers can be used by road crews when not otherwise in use and called up when needed to assist with preparations for and recovery from extreme weather events, to assist and protect at major events or to respond to potential threats to homeland security.

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