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In Pictures: Canine Training at Bagram Airfield

Canine Training at Bagram AirfieldU.S. Army Sgt. Jay Espinosa and Bailey are a military working dog team from Fort Benning, Ga., assigned to the U.S. Forces Afghanistan Military Working Dog Detachment at Bagram Airfield. Bailey is a seven-year-old female Belgian Malinois.

Bailey takes down and subdues U.S. Army Sgt. Ethan Taylor during a training session. Bailey’s handler, Sgt. Jay Espinosa, is seen approaching.

Working Dog Alex at Canine TrainingU.S. Army Sgt. Ethan Taylor takes his military working dog Alex through some obstacle course drills. Taylor and Alex are assigned to the U.S. Forces Afghanistan Military Working Dog Detachment. Alex is a six-year-old male German Shepherd. Both Taylor and Alex deployed from Fort Drum, N.Y.

Bagram Military Working Dog Kennel Master Sgt. Edmond AdamsU.S. Army Staff Sgt. Edmond Adams is the U.S. Forces Afghanistan Kennel Master. Adams leads the Bagram Airfield military working dog detachment and is responsible to certify all U.S. service and contract working dog teams in the country.

Photos by Bob Harrison, US Forces Afghanistan

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