Navy Seeks Support for Chemicals, Materials R&D and Sensors Development

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) is responsible for a wide range of research efforts that involve both basic and applied research in the physical, chemical, and biological sciences, as well as in materials and engineering. Recent efforts also include a number of multidisciplinary research programs in chemical/biological materials and sensing and nanoscience/nanotechnology.

An increasing number of research initiatives within the Navy and DoD have program elements that require the successful integration of numerous technologies. Accordingly, the Navy seeks contractor support in developing state-of-the-art analytical diagnostic techniques and instrumentation, as well as the characterization of the hardware and materials associated with their use.

These studies include the application and development of computational modeling tools for analytical analysis and predictive tools for chemically or biologically derived materials and engineering studies.

Environmental issues also form a large component of NRL R&D efforts. Active areas include the development of environmental monitoring methodologies and instrumentation, site characterization, and advanced technology demonstrations.

The surface science research tasks have related components, i.e., applications to marine surface corrosion, development of fuel cell component concepts, and biological sensors for screening microbiological contamination of materials and for defending against biological warfare agents.

These research efforts require the expertise of skilled contractor scientists and engineers with high technical qualifications to carry out the work. The range of skills required include analytical diagnostics in chemistry and biology; molecular biology and immunological methods; surface chemistry and the characterization of surface phenomena; optical spectroscopies; detailed knowledge of energetic materials, explosives and propellant chemistry; modern computational graphics and modeling; information technology; electronics and instrumentation prototyping; and software development capabilities.

Additional details are available at via Solicitation Number: N00173-17-R-RE01. Proposals are due by November 28, 2016.

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