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JCAD CED Cradles Award to Smiths Detection

The U.S. Army has announced a sole source Firm Fixed Price purchase order to Smiths Detection, Inc. for Joint Chemical Agent Detector (JCAD) Chemical Explosive Detector (CED) cradles, which is an add-on to the M4A1 JCAD that allows for sampling and analysis of Low Volatility Organic Compounds (LVOC).

Smiths Detection has developed these supplies with specific part numbers for use with the M4A1 JCAD. The JCAD CED is designed to be used specifically with the M4A1 JCAD and no other product.

Smiths Detection, Inc. owns the Technical Data Package (TDP) to the JCAD CED and software.

The contract is valued at $148,994.

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