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Army Seeks Advanced Medical Training on Infectious Diseases, Burn Injuries

The United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command has issued a formal Request for Information (RFI) seeking simulation systems with physiological tissue characteristic and behavior measurements.

Supported solutions would be integrated into a flexible and modular mannequin concept, such as the Advanced Modular Manikin (AMM), as well as future modular part-task training and education simulation systems which have yet to be developed.

The RFI encourages those working with synthetic materials, polymers, micro-technologies, those that have researched measuring tissue properties or has access to such data, and those that have detailed understanding on physiological responsiveness of human tissues to respond.

The objectives of this Request for Information are as follows:

  • To identify developed integrated integumentary (skin) system that visually looks realistic, performs as physiologically accurate based upon current technologies, and responds appropriately to healthcare providers actions, which is includes a diverse range across the continuum of care.
  • To identify how either existing technology or soon-to-be released solutions of an integrated integumentary (skin) system on how those could be implemented / integrated into medical manikins, augmented reality simulation systems, and/or immersive environments.
  • To identify developed the ‘fit’, connection, communication, and interact with the underlying respective anatomy of the mannequin and part-task trainer. Items include open architecture connections, open source communications, open architecture inputs and outputs so that engines, such as open source physiology research engine platform may interact and interface with the integumentary simulation system to provide information as well as collect information
  • To identify the integumentary simulation system’s design, development, and evaluation is linked with an open source physiology research engine platform and assessment systems to allow communication of information for items such as for fluid resuscitation, electrolyte balance, temperature regulation and additional items to simulate impact of injury upon the integumentary system and track treatment of injuries / pathologies.

The effort emphasizes an ability to represent traumatic injuries potentially faced by military personnel, as well as dermatology pathologies, autoimmune diseases, and other infectious diseases.

The integumentary simulation system should incorporate “autonomous healing” of punctures, cuts into the material, and one that accurately, appropriately acts and responds analogous to human integumentary based upon physiological tissue properties and behavioral characteristics.

This market research may assist with the further development or refinement of potential future announcements or solicitations.

Further details are available via Solicitation Number: W23RYXRIDISRFI1.

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