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HazMat Evac App Provides Critical Information for Incident Response

Applied Research Associates, Inc.’s (ARA) emergency responder tools have now been merged into one tool to provide more robust support for incident response.

The enhanced HazMat Evac mobile application is designed for the first responder and emergency management communities to provide quick, simple, HAZMAT spill evacuation and response information. The application displays Isolation and Protection zones on Google Maps for location awareness and includes approximately 3,300 hazardous materials in its data.

This tool has been upgraded at no additional cost to include the functionality of ARA’s FiRST Responder Support Tools, thereby exponentially increasing the real-time value of the app to emergency response personnel.

FiRST provides responders and emergency managers with critical, mobile, map-based information to support improvised explosive device (IED) and HAZMAT incident response.

Users can access response data, annotate digital maps, retrieve current weather to orient downwind hazard areas, and assess roadblocks to isolate the area. Incident GIS data can be shared across mobile, Windows PC, and browser-based systems when used in conjunction with the FiRST Sharing Service.

The Android and iOS app HazMat Evac now incorporates all the functionality provided with the FiRST application at the same $4.99 price. The enhanced features include:

  • Ability to place and display standoff from IEDs
  • Updated Weatherbug™ and International Weather Sources
  • Enhanced sharing capabilities available through the FiRST Sharing Service
  • Ability to launch the application from external apps, such as applications available from the rail industry

Users no longer must choose between the two apps, as both apps provide the same comprehensive set of capabilities to address IED and Hazmat incident response.

ARA First Responder tools are available on iTunes and Android Market and for Windows PCs.

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