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Army to Award Explosives Test Database Contract to Global Systems Technologies

The Army Contracting Command – Aberdeen Proving Ground has announced intentions to award a sole-source contract to Global Systems Technologies for “Explosives Test Database Design and Development”.

Global Systems Technologies has specialized expertise for continued development of a web-based explosives test database to categorize and assimilate Commercial Aircraft Vulnerability and Mitigation (CAV&M) program test results into a centralized, searchable database.

CAV&M projects support multiple Transportation Security Administration components by identifying commercial aircraft vulnerabilities to terrorist-based internal explosive threats and identifying potential countermeasures that can be employed to mitigate the potential for catastrophic structural or critical system failure as a result of in-flight detonation of those threats.

Program objectives are accomplished via specific projects designed to determine and identify:

  • The minimum explosive weight that would result in catastrophic loss of a commercial aircraft
  • The technologies, methods, and techniques that can be applied to commercial transport aircraft to reduce their vulnerability to internal explosive threats
  • Vulnerabilities to and methods of countering emerging terrorist-based threats to the existing and future fleet mix of commercial transport aircraft

Program efforts provide data regarding commercial aircraft vulnerability to terrorist-based explosive threats. This information is being used to support the development of explosive threat detection requirements and countermeasures, including evaluating effectiveness of explosive-resistant materials and technologies for use on commercial aircraft. The data also strengthens the capability to respond to both existing and emerging terrorist-based threats to commercial aircraft targets, with potential application for other transportation and operational modes.

Global Systems Technologies has performed database development to support CAV&M program since 2012 under contract W91ZLK-12-F-0112 in support of testing sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security IAW IAA HSHQPM-12-X-00042.

This proposed contract provides for additional work needed on the database design and for added capabilities/functions.

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