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Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Work 601 12th St S Arlington VA 22202 Work Phone: (866) 289-9673 Website: Transportation Security Administration


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was created in 2001 under the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, in the wake of 9/11.

TSA is responsible for ensuring the security of all modes of transportation, including cargo placed aboard airplanes and particularly focuses on passenger-carrying planes.

TSA employs a workforce of approximately 60,000 employees charged with protecting U.S. transportation systems and the traveling public. Of those, nearly 51,000 Transportation Security Officers (TSOs), Transportation Security Inspectors, and Behavior Detection Officers serve on the frontlines at more than 450 U.S. airports.

Under the TSA Secure Flight program, DHS conducts passenger watch list matching for 100 percent of covered U.S. aircraft operator and foreign air carrier flights flying into, out of, or within the U.S.  This program identifies individuals who may pose a threat to aviation or national security and designates them for enhanced screening or, as appropriate, prohibits them from boarding an aircraft.

Although TSA does not conduct passenger screening abroad, it requires airports that serve as the last point of departure to the U.S. to meet stringent security standards. TSA assesses the security programs of all U.S. and foreign air carriers that serve last points of departure.