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Forensic Assurance Inc. to Develop Proficiency Exams for U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Lab

The U.S. Army has announced intentions to award a contract to Forensic Assurance Inc. in support of Forensic Proficiency Exams for the U.S Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL).

The company will develop proficiency tests designs for several custom DNA testing scenarios to include samples containing sufficient DNA for complete typing at 24 cycles using the Global Filer, Global Filer Express, Identifiler Plus, and/or the YFiler Plus amplification kits.

Custom DNA Test 1: These samples will consist of three unique “known” human male DNA samples and one “unknown” male DNA sample on cotton swabs matching one of the known samples.

Custom DNA Test 2: These samples will consist of three unique “known” human DNA samples on cotton swabs, with at least one male contributor and one female contributor.

Custom DNA Test 3: This proficiency test design shall contain four single‐source white blood cell samples on FTA indicating paper. These samples will consist of three unique “known” human DNA samples and one “unknown” DNA sample matching one of the knowns.

Custom DNA Test 4: The fourth proficiency test design will contain already generated Identifiler Plus DNA profiles which are provided to the laboratory for interpretation purposes only. The proficiency test will consist of four profiles, two known profiles and two questioned/evidence profiles. The format of these profiles will be either .fsa files or analyzed electropherograms meeting specified requirements.

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