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Watch: CBRN Sensory Integration on Robotic Platforms (CSIRP)

The rate of advancement in UAS and UGS technology over the past decade has been staggering, creating new opportunities for solving complex problems when partnered with evolving CBR and sensor technology.

CBRN warfare has been and will continue to be used by those who wish to cause great harm to others. Currently war fighters and reconnaissance vehicles must enter named areas of interest in order to detect the presence of CBRN hazards. Entering these areas exposes friendly forces to the hazard or potential enemy activity.

CBRN Sensory Integration on Robotic Platforms (CSIRP) program, under development by the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense (JPEO-CBRND), will focus on supporting these urgent mission-based needs by integrating the latest sensor technologies with currently fielded and emerging unmanned systems.

CSIRP provides integration and engineering of COTS/GOTS sensors for unmanned platform integration. Early production focuses on current COTS/GOTS capabilities that have been engineered to fit reduced size weight and power (SWaP) CRBN platform requirements.

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