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SureScan Explosives Detection System Achieves ECAC Standard 3

SureScan x1000 Multi-Energy Stationary Gantry CT EDS.

SureScan Corporation today announced that its x1000 checked baggage screening solution has successfully achieved European Civil Aviation Conference’s (ECAC) Explosive Detection System (EDS) Standard 3.

The SureScan x1000 was the first multi-energy stationary gantry CT EDS to be TSA certified, and is now ECAC EDS Standard 3.

“We have engineered a solution that is future proof and operates at a much lower life cycle cost compared to those installed in airports,” said LeeAnn Levesque, President and CEO of SureScan. “Obtaining ECAC EDS Standard 3 positions the SureScan x1000 as the most comprehensive, next-generation solution for airports and their stakeholders, realizing considerable savings year-over-year.”

The SureScan x1000 next-generation CT EDS technology is enhanced with multi-energy detection for atomic number analysis enabling the x1000 to detect threats at a low false alarm rate. The system can screen large bags with a rectangular tunnel throughout providing jam-free, continuous operation and faster throughput.

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