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Smiths Detection to Provide X-Ray Systems to Federal Protective Service

Smiths Detection Inc. (SDI) today announced a $65 million five-year agreement to provide X-ray inspection systems to help protect U.S. Federal Government buildings across the country.

Federal Protective Service (FPS), part of the Department of Homeland Security, chose SDI’s X-ray systems and maintenance to help its agency detect potential threat items entering federal facilities.

FPS is divided into 11 regions nationwide and is responsible for protecting more than 9,000 federal facilities around the U.S. SDI’s advanced X-ray inspection systems will be used to screen employees’ and visitors’ personal bags and other belongings as well as packages and deliveries, before entering buildings.

These new systems will be delivered and installed through 2021, and SDI’s service team will maintain the systems through 2026. This award is similar to SDI’s previous FPS national lease agreement in 2009.

“Federal Protective Service’s mission to protect more than 9,000 government buildings is a tremendous responsibility. Thanks to our longtime working relationship, FPS knows SDI as a trusted partner and has confidence in our technology and industry-leading service and support, which ensures mission continuity,” commented Robert Ledenko, Vice President of Security Systems at SDI. It is an honor to help protect these critical structures and the lives of everyone who uses them by providing our state-of-the-art technology.”

Smiths Detection Inc. has its US headquarters in Edgewood, MD, and is a US subsidiary of Smiths Detection, a world leader in safety and security technologies, and part of Smiths Group, a global technology business. Smiths Group employs some 23,000 people around the world, including more than 8,300 in the U.S. where it operates around 100 sites in 40 states.

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