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In Pictures: Shelter-In-Place During Chemical Emergency

Snapshots of personnel sheltering-in-place at Camp Johnson, North Carolina during a mock chemical attack emergency. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune firefighters deploy to the scene and assess the situation. Base personnel and military housing residents are alerted to the threat. HVAC is shut down, windows and doors taped shut, and emergency preparedness kits accessed.

Camp Johnson Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune Firefighters Chemical Terrorism Drill

Camp Lejeune Firefighters Chemical Threat Drill

Camp Lejeune Firefighters During Antiterrorism Drill

Simulated Chemical Terrorism Attack Camp Johnson

Camp Lejeune Firefighters Respond During Chemical Exercise

Camp Lejeune Firefighters During Antiterrorism Drill

Big Voice Loudspeaker on Military Base

Camp Lejeune Fighterfighter Terrorism Event Response

HVAC Shutdown Valve During Chemical Emergency

Emergency Preparedness Kit

Taping Windows During a Chemical Emergency

Taping Windows and Doors During Emergency

Chemical Emergency Shelter-in-Place Tape HVAC Vents

Camp Lejeune Fighterfighter Terrorism ResponseImages courtesy of Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools, adapted from video and formatted for CBRNE Central.

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