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Joint Project Manager Protection (JPM P)

Work Aberdeen Proving Ground MD Work Phone: (703) 617-2400 Website: JPM Protection


The Joint Project Manager for Protection (JPM-P), a component of the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense, provides the DoD with the protection required to effectively conduct active combat, consequence management, and homeland defense operations in CBRN environments.

JPM-P develops, fields, and sustains CBRN protection and hazard mitigation capabilities for the nation. JPM-P areas of expertise and programs include:

  • Joint Service Aircrew Masks including upgrades to JSAM Rotary Wing (RW), JSAM Fixed Wing (FW), and JSAM Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) respiration systems and support to the current JSAM Apache respirators.
  • Uniform Integrated Protection Ensemble Increment 1 (UIPE Incr 1) upgrade to reduce weight and thermal strain of CBRN protective equipment.
  • Contaminated Human Remains Pouch (CHRP) to protect personnel handling human remains contaminated by chemical or biological warfare agents.
  • Contamination Indicator Decontamination Assurance System (CIDAS) technology and applicator for use on tactical vehicles, shipboard surfaces, crew-served weapons, and individual personnel weapons that have been exposed to chemical contamination.
  • Joint Service Equipment Wipe (JSEW), an operational decontamination capabilities for sensitive and non-sensitive equipment that have been exposed threat agents.
  • General Purpose Decontaminants (GPD) which provides thorough decontamination capabilities.
  • Joint Expeditionary Collective Protection (JECP) modular, transportable, and versatile collective protection capabilities to the Joint Expeditionary Forces.
  • M50/M51 Joint Service General Purpose Mask (JSGPM), a lightweight, state-of-the-art protective mask currently being fielded to all four services.
  • M53 Chemical Biological Protective Mask to support specific requirements of Joint and Special Operations Forces ensembles.
  • Shipboard Collective Protection System Backfit (CPS-BKFT) of collective protection equipment and systems on U.S. Navy amphibious ships.
  • M8E1 Chemical Biological Protective Shelter (CBPS), a rapidly deployable, collectively protected, and environmentally controlled transportable medical shelter (tent) system.
  • Collectively Protected Field Hospital (CPFH) to provide a capability to sustain medical treatment in a CBR contaminated environment without the use of MOPP gear.
  • M46 Joint Service Mask Leakage Tester (JSMLT), a portable, unit-employable device capable of determining serviceability, proper fit, and defective components of current and future CBRN protective masks.

JPM-P also provides support to external interagency customers, such as the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation.