High-Tech Homeland Security Simulation Center at Concordia

Concordia University showed off their Homeland Security Simulation Center to local media recently, demonstrating how the video simulations offer realistic emergency management and disaster response training in a safe, structured environment.

Housed within Concordia’s Center for Homeland Security Studies, the simulator is one of the most advanced of its kind in the nation. Participants can navigate various scenarios including building-clearing, response to an explosion, natural disaster situations, and survivor recovery operations.


“It’s one of the largest installations in the country, actually in the world,” said Jason Nairn, Director of the simulation center, while briefing reporters at KPTV Fox 12 Oregon.

The Simulator features six interactive stations that can be assigned to any responding positions, housed in an immersion theater with full surround sound. The Incident Commander’s position has a 43’x10’ 180-degree screen to monitor the situation. Scenarios can be tailored to the needs of specialists in a variety of fields, including emergency and disaster management, fire services, business continuity, natural disaster management, industrial management, and police training.

“This is like priceless. To do this in real life, you’d have to bring in all the units that you use for daily response,” said Rick Huffman, Division Chief of Vancouver Fire from nearby Vancouver, Wa.

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