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FLIR Releases Griffin 844 Desktop Trace Detector

FLIR Systems, Inc. this week announced the release of the Griffin 844, the latest addition to its Griffin 800-series desktop chemical trace detector product line.

The system is used by security officials to screen personal belongings, parcels, cargo, skin, vehicles, and other surfaces for explosives and narcotics threats.

The Griffin 844 performs dual-mode detection for a range of current threats, including military, commercial, and home-made explosives, as well as commonly abused narcotics and synthetic drugs.

FLIR’s expandable library allows new threats to be added to the library without impacting sensitivity or false alarm rates. The company offers free updates to its Griffin library as they become available.

“We are proud to offer the Griffin 844, the only desktop trace detector that uses gold-standard, mass spectrometry detection technology in checkpoint screening applications to drive higher accuracy,” said Dennis Barket, Jr., Vice President and General Manager of FLIR Detection. “FLIR is leading the field with lower false alarms and quick clear-down to ensure public safety and operational efficiency.”

The Griffin 844 will be showcased this week at the AUSA Exposition in Washington, DC.

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