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DEA Protective Equipment for Clandestine Lab Seizures

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has a requirement for the procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies necessary for clandestine laboratory seizures and/or cleanups within the continental United States.

The DEA Safety Officer for the Clandestine Laboratory Program has determined the requested equipment as critical to ensure the safety of responders to a clandestine laboratory incident or a high hazardous chemical emergency.

The equipment sought reflects the high hazard environment of an illegal clandestine drug laboratory, status of equipment certification with the DEA Office of Training’s Clandestine Laboratory program and the Office of Forensic Sciences’ Authorized Central Storage container program.

The following PPE and equipment are requested under the effort:

  • DuPont Level “A” Operational Suit
  • DuPont Level “A” Training Suit
  • DuPont ThermoPro Coverall
  • DuPont Tychem F Coverall
  • Dupont Universal Pressure Test Kit
  • Dupont Cool-Guard Vest
  • Kappler Frontline 300 Coverall
  • Kappler ChemTape
  • Saint Gobain ONEGlove
  • Ironclad Cold Condition Gloves
  • MSA Advantage 1000 Respirator
  • MSA GME-P100 Cartridges
  • MSA Outsert Assy
  • MSA Spectacle Kit
  • MSA ESP II Communication System
  • Non-Permissive Environment (NPE) OpsLite for MSA Advantage 1000 Respirato
  • Nomex Flight Suits, Pants, Shirts, Gloves and Balaclavas
  • Non-Permissive Environment (NPE) OpsLite
  • ONESuit Pro Level “A” Operational Suit
  • Tingly Hazproof Boot
  • Cement-Dipped Butyl Rubber Gloves
  • Ironclad Cold Condition Glove
  • Wiley X RAPTOR Glove
  • Hatch Centurion Knee Pads
  • ONGuard 16” HazMax Knee Boots
  • 8” A.T.A.C Shield Boots, Black
  • 3M Reusable Nylon Respirator Storage Bag
  • Pelican Cases
  • SabreLite 2000 PL Flashlight
  • Knucklhead HAZ-LO Flood Light
  • ProTAC HL High Lumen Professional Tactical Light
  • Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors, 6”
  • Camelbak Hydration Pack Hi-Viz 70-ounce

The following items are requested as BRAND NAME ONLY, as these items have been approved for use under the authority of the DEA Safety Officer for the DEA Clandestine Laboratory program for the reasons cited below:

Saint-Gobain Level “A” ONESuit Pro

A fully encapsulated suit used and tested by DEA for clandestine laboratory operations requiring gas-tight Level “A” ensembles. The St. Gobain ONESuit Pro successfully completed four passes through the obstacle course, provides abrasion and direct flame impingement compliance in accordance with NFPA 1991, Standard on Vapor-Protective Ensembles for Hazardous Materials Emergencies without the use of a separate aluminized fiberglass over cover, and is competitively priced compared to similar garments.

DuPont Level “A” Operational Suit

This suit is used by the DEA and state/local law enforcement personnel operating in unknown chemical hazard environments. The suit provides a high-performance chemical barrier protection against toxic, corrosive gases, liquids, and solid chemicals. The DuPont Level “A” Operational Suit is also puncture- and tear-resistant, making it ideal for industrial, HazMat, and domestic workplace environments.

DuPont Level “A” Training Suit

This is a fully encapsulated training suit providing law enforcement personnel the opportunity to conduct the annual refresher Level “A” HazWoper training utilizing a similar in nature Level “A” suit as the DuPont Level “A” Operational suit. This training suit provides realistic, practical exercise when conducting the HazWoper training.

DuPont ThermoPro Coverall

The DuPont ThermoPro coverall is a multi-use garment that provides flash fire and liquid chemical protection for law enforcement personnel operating in a clandestine laboratory incident or a high hazardous chemical emergency response. The coverall is designed to provide the users with permeation protection against a broad range of toxic industrial chemicals while providing flash fire protection. The DuPont ThermoPro coverall is comparable to the Kappler Frontline 300 and provides an added layer of insulation for law enforcement officers working in cold weather clandestine laboratory environments.

DuPont Tychem F coverall

The DuPont Tychem F coverall provides a strong, lightweight liquid splash protection for law enforcement personnel responding to a clandestine laboratory incident or a high hazardous chemical emergency response. This coverall is lightweight and flexible, and can be folded into small packages for easy storage and portability. The DuPont Tychem F coverall has been tested by the Soldier and Biological Chemical Command (SBCCOM) in Aberdeen, MO. and the TNO Laboratories in the Netherlands. Coveralls made of Tychem® F are also listed in the National Institutes of Justice “Guide to Selection of PPE for Emergency Response.”

Kappler Frontline 300

Frontline 300 is a multi-use, chemical/fire protection garment which has been tested for thermal protective performance (TPP) and which meets or exceeds the definition of Level A found in 29CFR1910.120 (HAZWOPER). The Kappler Frontline 300 has been utilized by DEA and state/local law enforcement personnel working in numerous clandestine laboratory environments with zero workplace injuries. The Kappler Frontline 300 provides the required total-body liquid and whole-body particle protection for law enforcement personnel against adverse vapor, liquid-splash, and particulate environments during a clandestine laboratory incident or a high hazardous chemical emergency response. The Kappler Frontline 300 also provides a higher level of surface flammability resistance and permeation by highly concentrated liquefied gases (ammonia, chlorine, and ethylene oxide).

Saint-Gobain ONEGlove

ONEGlove is multi-use and provides protection against cuts and punctures, industrial solvents and chemicals, and flash fires. The ONEGlove is the only commercially produced glove which offers chemical/fire protection for the officers operating in a (One-Pot) clandestine laboratory. The ONEGlove meets or exceeds guidelines from OSHA.

Ironclad Cold Condition Gloves

The Ironclad cold condition water-resistant gloves are low profile, high dexterity glove for low temperature environments. The Ironclad gloves are used by law enforcement personnel during the initial preparation, evaluation, and/or dismantling of a clandestine laboratory incident or a high hazardous chemical emergency response. The Ironclad gloves also provide added protection for law enforcement personnel during extreme weather conditions.

MSA Advantage 1000

The MSA Advantage 1000 full-face respirator is one of many types of full-face respirators within the market. DEA initially requested the procurement of the full-face respirators for law enforcement personnel responding to a clandestine laboratory incident or a high hazardous chemical emergency response to include the multi-gas filter cartridges, multi-way communication system, external lens shield, and the spectacle insert kit for the given respirator. Based on the specifications provided by the DEA Clan Lab Unit and the solicitation process, the MSA Advantage 1000 full-face respirator was selected for the procurement as meeting the needs of the government.

MSA GME-P100 Cartridges

Currently the DEA and state/local clandestine laboratory team members are outfitted with the MSA Advantage respirator. The MSA GME-P100 multi-gas filter cartridges are the required filter cartridges to be used with the MSA Advantage respirator for the chemical vapors/gasses protection associated with a clandestine laboratory incident or a high hazardous chemical emergency response.

MSA ESP II Communications System

THE MSA ESP II system is designed for use with the Advantage 1000 respirators. MSA ESP II is a self-contained electronic speech device. The MSA ESP II clearly amplifies and projects the wearer’s voice, thus increasing officer safety and allows officers to comply with the Knock & Announce requirements.

MSA Outsert Assy

This clear lens shield for the Advantage 1000 respirators provides the user with additional protection from punctures and slashes.

MSA Spectacle Kit

The MSA Spectacle Kit allows for the user to affix specialty prescription lenses inside of the Advantage 1000 respirator.

Non-Permissive Environment (NPE) OpsLite

The Non-Permissive Environment (NPE) OpsLite is a lightweight mask mounted LED lighting system providing 2 levels of white light. The system is designed to be used with the MSA Advantage 1000 respirator. The NPE OpsLight is attached by a twist and lock clamping mechanism which securely holds the light behind the voice box, providing a hands-free lighting for law enforcement personnel. The NPE OpsLight provides the required lighting for law enforcement personnel operating in a clandestine laboratory incident or a high hazardous chemical emergency response environment with limited lighting.

Tingley Hazproof Boot

The Tingley Hazproof Boot is used in conjunction with the DuPont Level “A” fully encapsulated operation suit. The boot is constructed of special polymer material and is 100% liquid proof with steel mid-sole and shank. The Tingley provides foot protection against chemical permeation in accordance with requirements outlined in NFPA 1991.

Further details are available via Solicitation Number: DJD-15-Q-0097. The response deadline is July 09, 2015.

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