RFQ – Civil Support Team (WMD) Multi-Training Exercises


The National Guard is sourcing quotations for provision of services for multiple Civil Support Team exercises to be conducted between March and August at three different locations in South Dakota and Montana.

The exercises include components which meet the CST Commander’s training objectives and are designed to test the full readiness and response capabilities/operations of the CST. Training lanes include:

  • Radiological & Chemical Agents Lane Training
  • Biological Agents Lane Training
  • Chemical Agents Lane Training
  • CBRNE/All Hazards Relief in Place Operations

The exercise should involve one or more civilian first responder or emergency operations agencies in order to test the cooperation, communication, and coordination of a multi-agency response to a CBRNE, man-made, or natural disaster in which the CST would be involved.

Further details are available via Solicitation Number: W912MM-17-T-0008.

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