Bertin Technologies to Acquire Environics Oy and form ‘Bertin Environics’

ChemProX handheld chemical detector, by Environics

Bertin Technologies today announced the acquisition of the Finnish company Environics Oy , previously owned by Verso Capital.

Bertin Technologies has signed the agreement to acquire the Finnish company Environics. This transaction, backed by Bertin Technologies‘ owner FCDE (Fonds de Consolidation et de Développement des Entreprises) will result in the creation of a European leading player in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) detection, identification and monitoring equipment and systems.

The company notes that this move follows the successful integration of Swedish Exensor Technology AB in 2018, which became Bertin Exensor. “It will allow the authorities, platform manufacturers, critical industries and first responders to have access to a full portfolio of equipment and integrated solutions to counter rising CBRN threats.”

Bruno Vallayer, President of Bertin Technologies, and Kirsi Hedman, CEO of Environics Oy, at Environics headquarters in Mikkeli, Finland. Credit: Environics

“This new entity, which will be named Bertin Environics, will further increase Europe’s technological edge, on the battlefield and for population safety, while offering a unique sovereign capability to develop and manufacture in Europe high-end solutions for crisis management,” said Bruno Vallayer – President of Bertin Technologies. “The combination of Bertin Technologies and Environics’ respective portfolio of solutions, as well as geographical footprint, will be a force multiplier to prospect the fast-paced CBRN market.”

Source: Environics, adapted.

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