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ChemPro Detectors Utilized to Maintain Finnish Defence Force Reservists’ Skills

Reserve Chief Sergeant Heikki Ropponen performs a commissioning inspection of the ChemPro device (left) and trainer in full protective gear (right). Photos from Helsingin Reservin Sanomat, by Timo Lukkarinen.

Environics’ long-standing relationship supporting Finnish Defence Forces CBRN capabilities recently highlighted in Helsingin Reservin Sanomat magazine.

Environics ChemPro handheld chemical detectors have been recently used in a course aimed at conserving the reserves’ skills, led by main trainer Captain Esa Koskinen from the Pori brigade.

Simulants and simulators were used in the gas and radiation intelligence training, which effectively supported learning by enlivening it. In fact, Environics Training Manager Toni Leikas also defends the importance of supporting learning by using learning supporting tools.

“Learning supporting tools for teaching create huge opportunities for effective learning and collaboration outside the classroom. Supporting tools can be for example replica equipment, simulants, remote tools, or simulator systems. Learning supporting environments increase not only the learning atmosphere, but also motivate the trainees.”

Training Manager Toni Leikas in ChemProX Training Part 5

Source: Environics, adapted.

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