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TSA Seeks Stand-Alone Reduced Size Explosive Detection Systems

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a requirement for the purchase and installation of qualified stand-alone Reduced Size Explosive Detection Systems (RSEDS), along with the installation, and warranty of those systems and peripheral/ancillary equipment.

Quotes are being accepted for a base order of thirty-four RSEDS units and associated peripherals, with an option to provide up to an additional twenty-five RSEDS units and associated peripherals.

TSA uses security-related technologies to help secure approximately 1.8 million passengers, 1.2 million checked bags on 25,000 flights at roughly 440 federally regulated airports every day. This requirement supports the Electronic Baggage Screening Program (EBSP).

If engineering change proposals (ECPs) are approved after award of this contract, TSA will make a determination whether a modification to the contract to reflect the result of the ECP is necessary.

The contract Period of Performance is for one year beginning 28 Sep 2018. Additional details are available via Solicitation Number: 70T04018R9CAP1094.

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