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Templewood Launches Accredited Terrorism Emergency Response Course

Templewood Training Services recently launched an essential accredited training course, the Emergency Response Officer Level 3 Qualification. The course has been specifically tailored for first response staff working in the securities industry and in customer-facing roles within organizations – those that cater for large public gatherings, such as shopping centers, events, office complexes and airports.

The course was created in response to terrorist attacks in major cities, such as those in Brussels, London, Munich, Nairobi, Nice, Orlando and Paris. Individuals who have taken the course will more efficiently be able to respond to incidents, coordinate others and provide information to the relevant emergency services or authorities to resolve the emergency.

“Any mass congregation puts people at risk and it is no longer reasonable to assume that all emergencies can be prevented or handled by security services and police,” commented Harvey Goldsmith CBE. “This accredited qualification will be invaluable for first response staff, enabling them to assist the emergency services and provide lifesaving assistance in the vital 60 minutes immediately after an incident. The course provides an immediately available reaction and response capability for those in the security industry.”

The course content is aligned with the City of London’s Project Griffin and the National Counter Terrorism Security Office’s Project Argus, and encompasses all classes of emergency, including facility failures and building collapse.

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