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Screening of Forensic Evidence Shipments for Explosives

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) receives evidence from joint partners and other contributing countries where the FBI is currently operating or has a working relationship to provide strategic level forensic exploitation.

Before evidence is shipped to In-processing it is assumed to be certified free from explosive and rendered safe for shipment. However, the condition upon receiving can only be confirmed safe by trained personnel with proper diagnostic equipment.

In support of these requirements, the FBI is awarding a one-time sole source contract with Delta-Xray Inc. for a Flash-X System. The system provides a high resolution real-time imaging and detailed 2D X-ray of suspected IEDs and enclosed packages with unknown contents.

“The Flash-X System will give the FBI the capability to properly diagnose safety concerns and take appropriate actions to ensure the safety of personnel while providing the maximum opportunity to preserve forensic evidence,” states the announcement. “This capability is crucial to provide a safe workplace environment for all FBI employees handling unverified evidence after reception.”

Delta Xray Inc. is the principal U.S. Distributor for the Vidisco family of portable digital X-ray inspection systems for all Secuity applications and sells and supports systems for NDT Applications.

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