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S. Dakota Civil Support Team Proficiency Training

The South Dakota Army National Guard 82nd Civil Support Team (CST) has awarded a contract to Watchtower Defense, Inc., in support of a CST Training Proficiency Evaluation Lane Preparation exercise in September 2015.

The multi-day exercise consists of two full-scale Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN)/All-hazard exercises. The event is designed to test the full readiness and response capabilities and operations of the 82nd CST in preparation for the ARNORTH led Training Proficiency Evaluation (TPE) taking place in October.

The exercise will be free-flowing, full-scale CBRN response with CST actions dictated by the exercise scenario and contractor injects, creating an environment for the Unit’s Commander to accurately measure the team’s training and proficiency levels.

The event will entail essential tasks during a realistic CBRN scenario with sophisticated training aids and simulators in order to challenge the CSTs detection and analytical capabilities.

The contract is valued at $17,792.


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