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PositiveID Corporation Launches New Website

PositiveID Corporation, a developer of biological detection and diagnostics solutions, today announced that it has launched a new corporate website at

PositiveID’s Microfluidic Bio-agent Autonomous Networked Detector (M-BAND) continuously and autonomously analyzes air samples for the detection of biological airborne threats in the form of bacteria, viruses, and toxins for up to 30 days.

Results from individual M-BAND instruments are reported via a secure wireless network in real time to give an accurate and up-to-date status of field conditions. M-BAND is the only system of its kind successfully demonstrated in the field under the DHS’ Bio-agent Autonomous Networked Detector (BAND) Program.

PositiveID’s Firefly Dx is a point-of-need, handheld system designed to deliver molecular diagnostic results from a sample in less than 20 minutes, compared to two to four hours for a lab device, using real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) chemistry.

The system is a two-part device consisting of a portable handheld instrument with wireless communication and disposable single-use cartridges containing all necessary analytical elements. The system is designed to process a variety of sample types, including whole blood, buccal and nasopharyngeal swabs, urine, and environmental field samples.

Source: PositiveID press release, adapted.

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