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Notable Contracts – VAMPIRE Tactical Forensic Device

The U.S. Naval Investigative Service has announced intentions to procure Booz Allen VAMPIRE mobile tactical forensic devices.

The VAMPIRE device conducts real-time forensic analysis in the field, performing fast and accurate, on-site human identification and analysis of sensitive evidence in seconds.

This ruggedized unit integrates custom state-of-the art fingerprint analysis into a commercial mobile-device-type platform, creating a lightweight, portable device that requires little forensic knowledge to perform advanced forensic processing.

The VAMPIRE device captures latent fingerprint images directly from various surfaces using no lifting tape, minimizing potential damage to prints, and resulting in better quality forensic evidence.

The device is also versatile, conducting both live and latent identification to an onboard watch list, as well as a unique capability to perform latent-to-latent matching, resulting in quick and easy identification of critical leads.


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