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Industrial Base Assessment for CBRN Sector

The RFI is overseen by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army, Acquisition Policy & Logistics (DASA(APL)), Industrial Base Directorate (SAAL-IB) which is contemplating awarding a call order for an industrial base assessment pilot to illuminate the supplier networks supporting CBRN.

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The effort will involve extremely detailed and complex analyses through multiple layers of data, reports and studies held at a multitude of equipment manufacturer sites, Program Executive Office’s (PEO’s), arsenals, depots, other U.S. Army and DOD agencies, and the multiple tiered vendor bases supporting these organizations.

Highlighted areas of potential interest include:

  • Identify supplier network vulnerabilities throughout multiple supply tiers
  • Recommend actionable risk mitigation strategies for a particular sector, portfolio, or program
  • Strategic planning and program evaluation
  • Commonality studies
  • Assessments of government and vendor facilities
  • Improvement Plans for government and vendor facilities
  • Strategies for critical and high dollar value items
  • Government, OEM, or vendor labor skill assessments
  • Identification, retention and maintenance studies of critical labor categories
  • Cost, capacity, and capability assessments
  • Current state assessments, bench marking, and scenario analysis
  • Supply, maintenance, or logistics network strategies

The data gained from these requirements will provide the Army with the ability to independently assess current state, highlight significant vulnerabilities within the supplier networks, and implement risk mitigation strategies across the Army’s industrial base.

Further details are available via Solicitation Number: W56HZV16R0083. The response deadline is January 26, 2016.

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