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Havok Reveals Details of New Collaborations

Havok, a leader in real-time simulation tools and 3D visualization technology, has announced a number of collaborations across the training and simulation spectrum.

Havok and Trian Graphics

Trian Graphics’ 3DBuilders software will be fully integrated into and included in the Havok Simulation Framework licensed to Havok customers, allowing teams the ability to swiftly generate 3D terrain from satellite and map data. Simulation developers can use this technology to create photorealistic geotypical and generic terrains based on image, height and vector data in next to no time. All data is optimized for real-time rendering, saved in standard industry formats and can be seamlessly run as a simulation with the Havok Simulation Framework.

Havok and DiSTI GL Studio Integration

DiSTI is working with Havok to integrate and resell GL Studio in conjunction with the Havok Simulation Framework. This agreement will allow Havok’s customers to easily create GL Studio HMI content and render this within Havok’s Vision engine. By integrating GL Studio user interface content developers can now introduce an additional level of realism in the cockpits, instrumentation, and dashboards presented to the simulation developer and end user.

Havok and CORYS

CORYS T.E.S.S. software provides a compelling simulation environment to easily, safely, and affordably prepare train operators for the responsibilities and protocols of piloting their vehicles. The CORYS T.E.S.S. simulators use the Havok Simulation Framework to replicate highly realistic urban environments including railway infrastructure, landscapes, traffic, people, lighting and weather.

“It’s a testament to the open and flexible Havok Simulation Framework that the product is being utilized by such diverse and important players in the simulation space,” says David Coghlan, Managing Director of Havok. “These continued endorsements underscore the importance of our open and modular end-to-end solution allowing training and simulation specialists to create more realistic, flexible and compelling environments on everyday hardware. We strive to continually improve and evolve our open technologies to keep pace with the growing needs of simulation creators, and we eagerly anticipate the results and positive impact of these collaborations.”

I/ITSEC 2014

Havok is showcasing their open, modular and end-to-end Havok Simulation Framework this week at I/ITSEC 2014 in Orlando, Florida. Alongside real time demos of Havok’s simulation tools capability across Air, Land and Sea environments, Havok is also revealing details on their increased adoption and momentum within both the military and civilian training industries.

Source: Havok press release, adapted.

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