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DARPA Awards Gremlins Phase III Contract to Dynetics



DARPA Gremlins UAS concept

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Gremlins program aims to develop the ability to perform aerial launch and recovery of low-cost, reusable unmanned aerial systems (UASs).

Dynetics, Inc. has been awarded a follow-on contract for the Gremlins program, Phase III under the original DARPA Broad Agency Announcement, DARPA-BAA-15-59.

The Dynetics solution involves deploying a towed, stabilized capture device below and away from the C-130.  The air vehicle docks with the device much like an airborne refueling operation. Once docked and powered off, the air vehicle is raised to the C-130, where it is mechanically secured and stowed. The key technologies can be straightforwardly adapted to allow under-wing recovery and bay recovery by other cargo aircraft.

The ability for a single, manned aircraft to stand off from danger yet manage multiple air vehicles equipped with sensors and other payloads lends itself well to enhanced support of tactical strike, reconnaissance/surveillance and close air support missions.

The award is valued at $32,461,184.

Source:, Dynetics.