CDC Awards Botulinum Toxin Assay Contract to Fluoresentric

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Disease (NCEZID) has announced intentions to award a contract to Fluoresentric, Inc. for Botulinum neurotoxin gene real-time PCR assays.

The following items are part of the contract:

  • Cbot A Singleplex Assay (30,000 Rxn)
  • Cbot B Singleplex Assay (30,000 Rxn)
  • Cbot C Singleplex Assay (30,000 Rxn)
  • Cbot D Singleplex Assay (30,000 Rxn)
  • Cbot E Singleplex Assay (30,000 Rxn)
  • Cbot F Singleplex Assay (30,000 Rxn)

These Botulinum neurotoxins Real-time PCR Assays (A-G) were designed and developed by Fluoresentric and contain proprietary pre-mixed and lyophilized oligonucleotides that are not available from another source.

According to the CDC announcement, these validated assays are the only ones that can be used with existing protocols and platforms available to LRN member laboratories and the National Botulism Laboratory Team at CDC for the detection of Botulinum neurotoxin genes.

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