Army Research Laboratory Open House

The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) will host an Open House on December 9 & 10, 2014 in the Adelphi, Maryland vicinity. This two-day event features a variety of scheduled presentations, tours and an opportunity to meet one-on-one with some of the Army’s leading researchers.

The event is part of ARL’s Open Campus collaboration model which centers on mutual scientific interest and investment by all partners. Open Campus partners work side-by-side with ARL research scientists and engineers, share ARL’s specialized research facilities, bring ARL researchers to their institutions to communicate a perspective on research conducted in federal laboratories, and become part of the broader DoD network.

ARL is opening areas of its Adelphi Laboratory Center to host visiting scientists and engineers, including foreign nationals, and envisions future construction of new facilities to host partners, with laboratory and office space to serve academia, industry, and small businesses, and to incubate entrepreneurial startups.

ARL collaborative opportunities in fundamental research are organized into the following S&T Campaigns (.pdf):

  • Computational Sciences
  • Materials Research
  • Sciences for Maneuver
  • Information Sciences
  • Human Sciences
  • Sciences for Lethality and Protection
  • Assessment and Analysis

The goal of this event is to introduce the Science and Technology (S&T) community to ARL’s research scientists and engineers with whom you might collaborate, and to ARL’s specialized laboratory facilities that are available to support joint research.

During the event, ARL Director Dr. Thomas Russell will present the ARL Open Campus philosophy. Defense and Government leaders will speak to the wider impact of ARL’s Open Campus approach.

The ARL Open Campus Open House will include tours of ARL’s laboratories and opportunities for in-depth discussions with ARL research scientists and engineers.

Advance registration is required.

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