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Aberdeen Proving Ground Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry 2017

The fifth annual Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry (APBI) will be held January 30 – February 2, 2017 at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), Maryland.

The goal of the APBI is for the U.S. Army to provide the industrial base with networking opportunities and information on upcoming and long-term potential contracting opportunities at APG for mission areas that focus on:

The APBI will discuss potential contracting opportunities that are closely aligned with the technology roadmaps of each respective organization, specifically focusing on Fiscal Years 2017-2019 opportunities in addition to long-range organizational planning.

Slides containing this information will be posted electronically immediately preceding the APBI event. The government will not hear formal bids from industry as the purpose of the APBI is only for the government to brief upcoming opportunities to industry.

The APBI will be unclassified and open to all interested contractors, large and small businesses, and academia as well as other government stakeholders. All APBI attendees must be United States Citizens and meet the requirements for admission to Aberdeen Proving Ground. Advance registration is required.

Software Solarium

This year’s APBI will be held in conjunction with the second annual Software Solarium on February 2nd.

Virtually every warfighter and business system in use today requires complex software that must be developed or acquired, updated, integrated, and maintained, in quick succession, to support the end user. The intent of the Software Solarium is to bring all the leaders and the stakeholders in software together to continue meaningful discussions on the future of software and its challenges.

The deadline to register for the Software Solarium is January 31.

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