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UK Announces Innovation Challenge for Explosives & Weapons Detection

Innovate UK has announced a challenge to fund innovation to improve explosives detection and sampling rates, increase the range of threats detectable, and improve practicality of detection technologies for use in a variety of building types.

Proposals are sought which either develop original ideas or adapt successful technologies, techniques or processes from other fields.

Highlighted examples include:

  • Novel sensors or materials to detect explosives, precursors or weapons
  • Imaging techniques from other sectors which could be applied to screening vehicles, goods, people or possessions
  • Chemical imaging to detect trace residues of explosives on surfaces
  • Adaptations of energy sensors to identify on-body threats
  • Measurement techniques which could allow identification of concealed objects
  • Modeling and simulation to improve current screening processes
  • Automation and enhancement of screening processes
  • Trace detection for atmospheric monitoring or waste water monitoring

This competition is not funding projects primarily aimed at the aviation security sector. There is a forthcoming competition specifically for innovation in the aviation security sector.

The competition has allocated up to £3 million to fund innovation projects over two phases.

Further details are available via the Innovative Research Call at Gov.UK. The deadline to submit an application of interest is October 19, 2016.

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