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Radiological Characterization Survey at NIST

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is seeking environmental testing firms to perform a radiological characterization survey of soil and groundwater adjacent to the where there have been known research activities inside the building that could produce radioactive activation products in the walls.

The effort is part of a significant modernization construction program to expand the Radiation Physics Research Laboratory and renovate existing building infrastructure.

With nearly 55% of this facility below ground, a major task will include extensive excavation to the structure foundation walls for waterproofing and construction of de-watering systems to control persistent groundwater intrusion into the basement structure.

The scope of services to be performed at NIST will include all drilling services to obtain soil core samples, collection, initial field testing and packaging/transport for radiochemical analysis, and contamination disposal fees (if applicable). Bores for samples will be drilled up to 50′ below finished grade elevation.

The work in the Radiation Physics Building (Building 245) currently supports industry through research, the realization and dissemination of the SI-derived standards for radiation dose (Gray, Gy) and radioactivity (becquerel, Bq), including for health, environmental, security, and manufacturing applications, and traceability to the SI (watt, W) for electromagnetic radiation in the visible, UV, and soft x-ray regimes.

NIST also provides user facilities for radiometry measurements for other federal agencies and industrial partners. Calibration services and transfer standards for electromagnetic radiation provide critical traceability chains to NIST standards for secondary calibration labs serving customers in the medical, scientific, and industrial sectors.

Further details are available via Solicitation Number: NB195000-15-02122. The response deadline is March 26, 2015.

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