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NNSA Modernizes High Explosive Manufacturing Capability

Pantex breaks ground for Advanced Fabrication Facility. Credit: NNSA

State-of-the-art building of Pantex Plant’s new Advanced Fabrication Facility to replace WWII-era structures

The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) this week celebrated the groundbreaking of the Pantex Plant’s new Advanced Fabrication Facility in Amarillo, Texas.

The Advanced Fabrication Facility (AFF) will replace structures dating back almost eight decades and support Pantex’s role as NNSA’s High Explosives Center of Excellence for Manufacturing. Modernization efforts across Pantex continue as antiquated structures are removed and new ones are set to take their place.

The 20,000 square foot facility will allow consolidation of High Explosive machining operations from one World War II-era building and one Cold War-era building into a single, modern facility. Relocating these operations allows restoration of High Explosive machining capacity to support NNSA weapons programs. Completion is anticipated in late 2023.

“While our facilities primarily serve to bolster our science and manufacturing capabilities, they are also an excellent tool for assisting and improving our most important asset, our workforce,” said NNSA Administrator Jill Hruby. “The AFF will help recruit and retain the next generation of workers and enhances Pantex’s role in the enterprise as the High Explosives Center of Excellence.”

Pantex High Explosive production is wide-ranging, providing comprehensive manufacturing capabilities for all weapons programs including synthesis, formulation, pressing, machining and assembly, as well as chemical, mechanical, and performance testing. Infrastructure modernization will ensure Pantex can sustain these capabilities for many years.

Source: NNSA

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