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NIITEK Wins Groundshark Handheld IED Detection Contract

NIITEK is a subsidiary of Chemring Sensors & Electronic Systems US  and part of the Chemring Group PLC.

The GROUNDSHARK is a dual sensor handheld system used to detect buried objects and threats, such as improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and mines. GROUNDSHARK is based on the integration of NIITEK’s ground penetrating radar with Australia’s Minelab Electronics’ advanced Metal Detector.

GROUNDSHARK identifies and visualizes subsurface metallic and non-metallic objects for use in a variety of tasks for soldiers, civilians and EOD personnel.  GROUNDSHARK is the newest product of NIITEK’s GPR technology and is derived from the Husky Mounted Detection System (HMDS), currently in use by the US Army and Marine Corps and other non-US countries.

“This significant GROUNDSHARK order reinforces the critical need to keep our allies safe from the ongoing threat of IEDs and other buried threats,” said Tom Thebes, President of NIITEK. GROUNDSHARK’s technology, packaged in a lightweight and user friendly design, allows these forces to detect buried threats and save lives.”

Chemring Group manufactures and supplies high-technology electronics and energetic products to over fifty countries around the world.  Chemring’s portfolio predominantly focuses on military personnel and platforms, providing insurance against a constantly changing threat.  These range from countermeasures that protect aircraft, to ground penetrating radar that protect troops and vehicles from improvised explosive devices.

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