Navy and Marine Corps Long Range BAA

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) is soliciting proposals under a Long-Range Broad Agency Announcement.

The BAA is intended for proposals related to basic research, applied research, or advanced technology development and that part of development not related to the development of a specific system or hardware procurement.

Highlighted topics of interest include:

  • Detection of buried objects in multiple soil types at stand-off, out of direct line-of-site, over-the-horizon distances
  • Clutter rejection in all environments under all conditions
  • Detection of multiple signatures simultaneously within one system
  • Neutralization technologies
  • Real time multi-modality sensor fusion with detection sensors
  • Directed energy systems for explosive hazard defeat systems
  • Material/systems with the capability to protect the warfighter against all kinetic and non-kinetic asymmetric threats with an ultralight-weight protective system
  • Novel approaches for multi-layer mobile device security
  • Compact antennas that operate over wide bands including those that can operate both in omnidirectional and highly directional modes
  • Determining position and synchronizing timing in the absence of GPS
  • Ability to autonomously extract meaning from information flows
  • Low-size, weight and power, adaptable RF electronics, PAs, filters, etc., that are frequency and bandwidth agile
  • Portable electric energy
  • Biometrics in the maritime domain
  • Biomaterials, bionanotechnology and biomedical technologies
  • Casualty prevention, care and management

The BAA remains open until September 30, 2015 or until replaced by a successor BAA. Proposals may be submitted any time during this period. Further details are available via Solicitation Number: ONRBAA15-001.

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