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Hand-Held Rapid DNA Screening Device

The U.S. Special Operations Command and U.S. Central Command have announced a priority requirement to develop DNA profiles from reference samples in austere environments during dismounted operations.

This device must have the following capabilities:

  • Able to compare the DNA profiles of not less than eight loci with an on-board watch list
  • Loci used must be part of the FBI’s core-CODIS loci set
  • Battery-powered, hand carried, weigh less than five pounds
  • Sufficiently ruggedized for use during dismounted military operations
  • Self-contained and require no user interaction after reference sample insertion through match/no-match determination by the on-board expert
  • Guarantee not less than 100 runs before manufacturer maintenance is required

System consumables may be placed on a chip or device inserted into the primary device, but those consumables chips must meet the same ruggedized requirements of the primary device and have a shelf-life of not less than 12 months.

The requirement is part of this year’s Department of Defense Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) approved topics. The RIF is designed to quickly transition innovative technologies that resolve operational challenges into acquisition programs. Those selected for award may receive up to $3 million and will have up to two years to perform the work.

Further details are available via Solicitation Number: HQ0034-16-BAA-RIF-0001B, Requirement Number: ASDR&E-16-BAA-RIF-RRTO-0002. The response deadline is May 03, 2016.

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