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Dual Forensic Laser System

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Southwest Regional Science Center (CBP SWRSC) has announced intentions to issue a sole source order with LaserLight Solutions for the BrightBeam dual laser system.

LaserLight Solutions will provide this dual forensic laser system capable of generating a laser light at both 445 nm and 532 nm frequencies.  This system will be used to excite fluorescence imaging dust, glue, powder, dyes, and reagents used to develop latent prints on evidentiary items in the laboratory and in the field.

The CBP SWRSC Latent Print Unit processes thousands of items every year in support of Homeland Security Investigations’ criminal cases. Latent prints are found or developed on a variety of different surfaces. These prints are then photographed under special LASER light conditions with special filters. These images are then compared to known prints for identification.

The forensic laser is needed to view latent fingerprints on specific surfaces that are not viewed as well using the 532 nm green forensic lasers.  The lasers will be used to visualize developed and dye-stained latent prints on items of evidence.  In addition to latent print work a laser is needed to assist in finding trace evidence and body fluids at crime scenes.

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