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Counter-WMD Intelligence: Think, Analyze, Connect and MidPoint Contract Award to Boeing

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has announced intentions to award a sole-source contract to The Boeing Company in support of the Think, Analyze, Connect (TAC) and MidPoint counterterrorism and intelligence technical programs.

As part of their role in combating Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), DTRA is developing a capability for operational planning against WMD threats.  The TAC application sorts and searches vast amounts of data, and enables delivery and support for real-time, collaborative analysis and decision-making through persistent data querying.

TAC was initially the acronym for Tripwire Analytical Capability when owned by Kestrel, Inc. Upon Kestrel’s acquisition by Boeing, the name was changed to Think, Analyze, Connect. TAC is widely used within the intelligence community and enables analysts to sort through numerous incoming formatted, classified and unclassified documents.

TAC operates on data flowing from an off-site MidPoint data node, which is supplied from the Orion Dnta Layer (ODL), a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) product operated by Boeing.

MidPoint allows the user to uniquely customize the extraction of data from distinct sources, transform the data into the desired format, and then loads the data into the proper data storage areas.  The objective of this requirement is to provide on-site support personnel to maintain the use of the TAC and MidPoint applications, and to promote the continued integration and use by the analyst team.

The objective of this contract action is to provide future TAC and MidPoint on-site support personnel under one combined Boeing contract.

For the TAC application, Boeing will provide:

  • Interfaces to existing data and analytic services, and possibly combine services/data feeds in order to create unique data fusion opportunities.
  • Assessments and evaluations of anticipated changes to data handling from, to, or within TAC
  • Customizations to TAC to maximize data manipulation to meet customer requirements
  • General daily technical operations and maintenance
  • Ensure personnel are certified by Boeing, and provide formal and as-needed TAC training.

For MidPoint, the following support is required:

  • Serve as primary technical liaison with DIA for data acquisition
  • Perform/assist in any cross-domain data preparations
  • Interface as needed with enterprise technical initiatives such as Services Oriented Architecture and Intelligence Community Data Layer
  • Ensure that all interface efforts comply with established applicable policy
  • Continue integration with multiple applications in either a direct or SOA methodology
  • Develop documentation and implementation of standard procedures
  • Identify and employ feature enhancements to provide high availability and recovery of services under high loads


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