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ChemResponder Nationwide Ammonia Response Drill After Action Report

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More than 70 individuals representing 30 different organizations participated the first ChemResponder Nationwide Drill conducted virtually on December 10, 2020.

The exercise was co-sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Office (FEMA CBRN) and the Ammonia Safety and Training Institute (ASTI).

The drill’s scenario featured an ammonia release from a refrigeration facility. The objectives were to use ChemResponder to execute elements of ammonia response guidance and to describe best practices for pre-configuring ChemResponder for operational use in future incidents involving ammonia releases, or other chemical incidents.

Four sets of recommendations for future Nationwide Drills emerged from observations and lessons learned: Offer more real-time guidance during drill execution; simplify drill prerequisites; offer more rapid feedback opportunities in real-time and after the drill; and offer more guidance on using the hosting platform for the virtual drill.

Read the full report at ChemResponder

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