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Chemical-Biological Filters: Collective Protection Industry Day

Disassembled M48A2 filters. Credit: U.S. Army

Government and industry partners interested in DoD collective protection chemical biological filter design, production, and production goals gathered this week in Michigan for the Collective Protection Filter Production Industry Day event hosted by the U.S. Army TACOM Integrated Logistics Support Center.

Over the past three years, significant changes in demand and policy have altered CBRN collective protection (COLPRO) filter requirements and the acquisition approach. Recent requests for proposal and cancelled solicitations from various DoD entities have caused confusion on the short- and long-term DoD goals associated with collective protection filter sustainment and production.

The COLPRO Industry Day outlined the historical and current causes for changes in demand, efforts to create a stable production profile, government constraints and objectives, as well as potential industry incentives and interest areas.

Slides from the Industry Day official presentation are available on here.

Source: edited by S. Lizotte

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