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Call for Nominations: Assessing and Improving Strategies to Counter Nuclear Terrorism

Spc. Dong Hyun Kim, a specialist assigned to the 9th CBRNE Technical Escort Company out of Joint-Base Lewis McChord, Washington, scans for nuclear fallout debris during an C-WMD exercise in Delaware. Credit: Marshall R. Mason

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) will appoint an ad hoc topical committee to address specific issues related to nuclear terrorism threats. This committee will address the adequacy of strategies to prevent, counter, and respond to nuclear terrorism, and identify technical, policy, and resource gaps with respect to:

  • Identifying national and international nuclear risks, and critical emerging threats
  • Preventing state-sponsored and non-state actors from acquiring or misusing the technologies, materials, and critical expertise needed to carry out nuclear attacks, including dual-use technologies, materials, and expertise
  • Countering efforts by state-sponsored and non-state actors to carry out such attacks
  • Responding to nuclear terrorism incidents to attribute their origin and help manage their consequences
  • Budgets likely to be required to implement effectively such strategies
  • Other important matters that are directly relevant to such strategies

The study will be carried out by a committee of approximately 12 volunteer experts in the fields of physics, nuclear engineering, nuclear security, radiological security, national security, and associated fields.

The National Academies are committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion in order to strengthen the quality of our work. Diverse perspectives contribute to finding innovative approaches and solutions to challenging issues. We encourage the nomination of volunteers who reflect the populations we serve and also welcome in particular nominations of candidates from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, women, and early- and mid-career professionals.

Interested parties may submit nominations for committee members or reviewers for this study by November 29, 2021.

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