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Air Force Seeks CBRN Firefighting Boots

The U.S. Air Force is seeking suppliers for Fire Emergency Services (FES) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) CBRN Boots.

The contract supports all Air Force fire stations including Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Command in the U.S. and overseas. This ID/IQ contract may also be used by other DoD agencies including the Army and Navy.

Candidate boots shall be submitted with official notification of intent to seek approval to USAF Joint Firefighter Integrated Response Ensemble (JFIRE) Program Manager prior to participation in JFIRE testing.

Field evaluations will be conducted on the functionality of the candidate components in as close to real-world conditions as possible. Data collected will include a survey of overall comfort/fit, sweat accumulation data, and donning/doffing.

Live agent chemical swatch testing must be conducted using Aerosol Vapor Liquid Assessment Group (AVLAG) Testing and Expulsion Testing. Candidate boots shall be challenged with GD, HD and VX to determine chemical performance. Chemical agent resistance testing for all candidates shall include boots in the following condition: new, worn, and candidates treated with 3 percent Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) and JP-8 fuel contaminants.

Boot manufacturers must also provide any decontamination procedures, requirements, or recommendations that will minimize cross-contamination potential, and assist with decontamination and safe doffing of contaminated boots.

Further details are available via Solicitation Number: FA8056-15-T-0001.

Editor’s Note: As of Jan. 4, 2016 the USAF has placed the CBRN Firefighter Boot J&A solicitation FA8056-15-T-0001 on indefinite hold.

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