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USDA Contract Award for Bruker Biospin

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service has awarded a sole source contract to Bruker BioSpin Corp., for a Bruker BioSpin Avance III HD 400 High Performance Digital NMR Spectrometer System.

The system offers a probe that will tune down as low as 109A allowing for multiple nuclei to be analyzed on the same instrument. Bruker is the only known manufacturer which offers such a probe, according to the USDA.

“Bruker is the only known manufacturer to offer advanced frequency synthesis via direct digital synthesis and unique frequency generation via the Signal Generation Unit 2 (SGU/2) allowing double irradiation from a single RF frequency channel…ideal for on resonance simultaneous excitation of 2 chemical regions (e.g. carbonyl carbons and aliphatic carbons),” states the announcement. “Such techniques allow us to perform the desired one-, two-, and three-dimensional experiments needed for structure determination of unknown molecules.”

The digital receiver possesses the highest known dynamic range receiver on the market and real time digital filtering up to 5 MHz bandwidth. A dynamic range of 22 bits allows for increases in experiment sensitivities which translate into an ability to analyze samples of < 1 mg in reasonable timeframes.

The contract is valued at $393,900.

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