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USAID Awards Ebola Grant to SPR Advanced Technologies

SPR Advanced Technologies announced this week that it has been awarded a grant by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to test, refine and deploy its patented technology to assist with an Ebola response solution to protect health care workers in affected countries from contamination by the Ebola virus.

SPR’s technology realigns the naturally occurring charges on treated surfaces to create an electrostatic field that kills most bacteria and viruses.

The system has the potential to serve as an effective pre-treatment barrier technology to prevent surfaces, including personal protective equipment worn by health care workers, from contamination by the Ebola virus.

“We are honored by this award from USAID,” said Jeffrey Horine, the Chief Executive Officer of SPR. “Our team is flattered that such a prestigious panel of experts recognizes that the technology platform developed by Dr. Henry Malak, our Chief Technology Officer, has the potential to enable United States health care workers to do their important work more effectively with the knowledge they are protected by SPR’s barrier technology.”

SPR Advanced Technologies, Inc. is an early stage biosciences company with a technology platform that has been developed during the past four years with support from two grants provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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