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U.S. Navy Market Survey for Battlefield Dosimeters

The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderdock Division (NSWCCD) is conducting market research on commercial vendors which offer a Battlefield Dosimeter to inform decision-making on replacement for the current Navy Battlefield Dosimeter, the IM-270/PD.

This Request for Information (RFI) investigates the current state of technology for available active or passive Battlefield Dosimeters which can be used during both a radiological event (prompt gamma and neutron radiation) and an emergency response scenario that has a low gamma and neutron exposure rate environment.

The replacement Battlefield Dosimeter must provide instantaneous accumulated dose reading during field operations and be capable of being utilized as a dose of record for the end users.

The infrastructure cost per unit must be less than $175.00, which includes any external reading devices and accessories necessary to provide dose of record.

Additional technical specifications are available via Solicitation Number: N00167-17-B-0001. The RFI white paper response deadline is Jan 23, 2017 12:00 pm Eastern.

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