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National Cancer Institute Dosimetry Contract to Sun Nuclear Corporation

The National Cancer Institute (NCI), Cancer Center Research (CCR), Radiation Oncology Branch clinic is awarding a sole-source contract to Sun Nuclear Corporation for maintenance service for dosimetry instruments.

The Radiation Oncology Branch (ROB) clinic needs to have sophisticated dosimetry equipment in order to provide a full range of treatment options for patients with cancer. ROB uses several different detectors manufactured by Sun Nuclear Corporation.

The following systems are included in the contract:

  • ArcCHECK s/n 70973010
  • MapCHECK, s/n 96277016
  • MapCHECK s/n 96277024
  • Daily QA3 s/n 5603220
  • Daily QA3 s/n 5603244
  • rf-IVD2 s/n 5616038
  • rf-IVD2 s/n 5616039
  • 3DVH s/n 3DVH-70973010

ArcCHECK and MapCHECK-2 are two advanced diode detectors which measure actual delivered dose, avoiding inaccuracies from dose volume averaging as seen in ionization chambers. Daily QA3 is a combined diode and ionization chamber array that collects the dosimetry data automatically in real time.

The rf-IVD2 is a real time wireless patient dose radiation monitoring device. The 3DVH software provides the clinicians with 3D patient dose and dose-volume histogram (DVH) analysis required for radiation treatment planning. This equipment and software is all mission-critical to patient treatment in the Radiation Oncology Branch and requires coverage under an annual maintenance agreement.

Sun Nuclear Corporation, based in Melbourne, FL, is a worldwide market leader in quality assurance (QA) and dosimetry solutions for radiation oncology. The company designs and manufactures medical devices and software for radiation therapy treatment delivery systems and patient prescription verification. Sun Nuclear’s solutions perform radiation measurement, data collection, testing, performance assessment, and analytics for over 4,000 radiation oncology clinics worldwide.

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