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RTLS-DREAM Chemical Sensor Monitor

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has awarded a sole source contract to Measurenet Technology, Ltd. for the design, development and assemblage of a new Real-Time Location System Direct Read Exposure Assessment Method (RTLS-DREAM) chemical sensor monitoring device.

The device prototype will be a redesign of a previous proprietary Chemical Exposure Monitor With Indoor Positioning (CEMWIP) device in order to include a global positioning system that can measure both indoor and outdoor locations.

The current CEMWIP is a direct reading exposure method (DRM) that uses a personal PID chemical monitor with telemetry and an indoor positioning system to provide remote monitoring of a worker exposure to volatile organic chemical (VOC)s with position and time.

The monitor continuously samples and analyzes the workers breathing zone air for VOCs while recording their position and time of exposure. Indoor positioning is accomplish using a radio transmitter attached to the personal monitor and receivers place in the ceiling corners of the room.

The purchase order funds development of two prototype devices and a 12-month option period in which the contractor will manufacture seven production model units of the device if the prototype passes testing.

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