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NNSA Administrator Tours Y-12 National Security Complex

Y-12 Principal Investigator Felicia Rutland shows the NNSA Administrator items used in the Test and Demonstration Facility. Credit: DOE/NNSA

Last week, Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty, Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and U.S. Department of Energy’s Under Secretary for Nuclear Security, continued her tour of the Nuclear Security Enterprise by visiting the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The Administrator met with members of the Y-12 workforce and saw a number of ongoing projects and facilities.

During her visit to Y-12, the Administrator was able to meet with and thank, both in person and via video, the almost 5,000 members of the site’s workforce who continue to demonstrate their unwavering commitment to NNSA’s national security missions.

Brett Riffert, a superintendent on the Uranium Processing Facility construction, updates NNSA Administrator Lisa E. Gordon-Hagerty on the its progress at Y-12 National Security Complex.

“Y-12 has never wavered in its commitment to NNSA’s missions and its deliverables for the U.S. nuclear stockpile,” Administrator Gordon-Hagerty said.  “Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Y-12 completed the final planned FY 2020 Life Extension Program build, more than two months before the fiscal year’s end in July; and has completed all major Defense Programs deliverables.”

During the Administrator’s trip, she toured several facilities including the Test and Demonstration Facility (TDF), where large-scale, technology maturation activities are conducted, including the effort to restore some processes that were dormant for more than 15 years. The Administrator visited Building 9204-2E, where the assembly, disassembly, and life-cycle evaluation of components for the Nation’s nuclear stockpile take place, and saw the construction progress being made at the Uranium Processing Facility.

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